14 July 2022
The Value of Preserving Built Heritage

Being a resident of London since my childhood, I am immensely privileged to be surrounded by historical, even ancient, testaments to the city’s history and cultural heritage. From buildings to sculptures to bridges, the capital is filled with landmarks that have made London so iconic. The idea of protecting and preserving invaluable historical assets has […]

8 July 2022
Aesthetica Artist Spotlight Series Interview

I am excited to announce that my interview with Aesthetica Magazine is live! As a part of their Artist Spotlight series, I discussed my approach to painting and my method behind capturing nature's form and depth on canvas. To find out more, watch my full interview below.

16 June 2022
ArtDaily: Art Education - Atelier versus Art School by Deidre Riley

Deidre Riley is an American award-winning artist and educator, having studied both fine art and illustration. As well as having her own commercial success as an artist, Deidre has taught throughout her arts career, most recently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her work can be found at www.deidreriley.com or on Instagram at @deidreriley_. Deidre Riley, ‘Contemplation’, […]

9 June 2022
Fortune Herald: Gallery versus self-representation – has the internet shifted the balance?

For a very long time, galleries have been essential for any artist looking to sell their work. The benefits of gallery representation have historically outweighed the independent route, but recently, increasing numbers of artists have chosen to ‘go at it alone’ by selling their work through the direct-to-consumer business model. As a professional painter, I […]

31 May 2022
ABC Money: Investing in Original Art

Art comes in many shapes and sizes. From paintings to sculpture, art will enrich the lives of anyone in its presence, from casual viewers to the most ardent of collectors. Personally, I am a fan of original artworks. In contrast to mass-printed reproductions, original art possesses particular and unique qualities that make it come alive. […]

20 May 2022
Artvoice: Art in the Digital Age

British landscape painter Oliver Maughan explores the role of art in our increasingly digital world. In 1936, the philosopher Walter Benjamin published his seminal essay, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’. Benjamin was contending with the question of where art belongs in an era of technological development, during a time when […]

17 May 2022
News Anyway: Art and Architecture in Times of Conflict

British landscape painter Oliver Maughan explores the history of art and architecture being destroyed in times of war and conflict, emphasising the crucial need to protect and preserve cultural heritage. In times of conflict, we become much more conscious of the political and social significance of art and architecture. Throughout history, cultural property has been stolen, damaged, […]

26 April 2022
Oliver Maughan's Feature in Aesthetica Magazine

I’ve had the privilege of being featured in the latest April/May issue of Aesthetica Magazine – an international art and culture magazine that focuses on art, design, photography, architecture, music, and film. My feature can be found on pages 4 and 5. To visit, please click here or on the link below. https://issuu.com/aesthetica_magazine/docs/aesthetica-issue106?fr=sYTE3ZjQ4MTEyMzg

1 March 2022
The Ritz Herald: When Painters Try Their Hand At Architecture

British landscape painter Oliver Maughan explores the talent of the iconic J.M.W. Turner, both as an artist and architect of his home Sandycombe Lodge in Twickenham. One of the greatest landscape painters of all time, J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) produced some of the most celebrated and cherished works of art in British history. Famed for his […]

15 February 2022
The Art Insider: Why Art Is Essential In The 21st Century

Recently, the status of art’s place in society been put into contention. From cuts in government spending to the digitalisation of art, it is clear there has been a dramatic shift in the importance society places on both artists and their artwork. From the very beginning, the 21st century has been almost synonymous with technological development […]

28 January 2022
Art Daily: Art and Beauty in Modernity

As life slowly returns to the heyday of pre-pandemic times, I find my appreciation for the purity and beauty of everyday life has only strengthened. In a society of ever-increasing pace, we must take the time to stop and truly look at the world around us. Walking around London I am always excited by the […]

21 January 2022
The Ritz Herald: Beyond Architecture – How McKim, Mead, And White Changed American Art

British landscape painter Oliver Maughan explores the influence of the American architecture firm McKim, Mead, and White, noting the impact it had both on his artistic journey and American art as a whole. Ihave found that painting and architecture are interconnected. Practitioners develop a body of work, belong to movements, and hope to leave an […]

19 January 2022
Luxury Travel Magazine: The Art of Mindfulness – How Painting Cultivates Peace of Mind

London-based landscape artist Oliver Maughan reflects on the relationship between painting and practicing mindfulness Throughout 2020, as we faced Covid-19 and its subsequent worldwide lockdowns, many of us were forced to slow down. Sheltered indoors for most of the year, there was little to do or see. With the recent resurgence of government restrictions and stay-at-home orders, […]

9 December 2021
Aesthetica: Changing Seasons

The process of painting “on the spot” is said, according to Tate, to have been pioneered in Britain by John Constable in the early 19th century. It was born from his desire to paint nature in a realistic way – capturing the effects of sunlight quickly and in real time. From the 1860s onwards, the Impressionist movement […]

6 December 2021
Tech Times: Digital Art and its Discontents

Digitally encrypted art is certainly having its fifteen minutes of fame - as Andy Warhol would have it - and it is anyone's guess how long the phase will last. But what can NFTs and their like teach us about the nature and value of traditional art?about:blank As a landscape painter, I'm increasingly asked what […]

5 October 2021
Painting London and its architectural monuments

As a plein air painter, I am constantly reminded of the architectural history of our capital. The skyline is heavily marked by colonial history as well as ancient revivals. Trying to capture different eras in one painting is probably what makes the art timeless. Whether one likes it or not, London has its own narrative […]

10 September 2021
150 Years of Painting the Thames

London-based landscape painter discusses one of the world's most evocative bodies of water, in 150 years of painting the Thames... Historically, anything that plays an important role in a society is likely to be a frequent subject for its artists. Neolithic man painted the animals it hunted. The Tudors painted their Kings and Queens. Londoners […]

24 August 2021
The London Economic: The Atelier Tradition

Many of today’s best known painters studied their craft at private Ateliers as opposed to Art schools. An Atelier is often based on the  teaching by one master head painter whom works one on one with students in an intimate studio setting. I feel fortunate to have spent time learning different aspects of my own […]

26 July 2021
An Ode to the Past – How traditional art has influenced me

For centuries, artists have attempted to understand and capture the beauty of our world. Whether it be through the writings of a poem, the molding of clay, or a brush of paint across a canvas, as humans we have an innate desire to express ourselves.

5 July 2021
News Anyway: Finding constancy in fluctuation

If there is a common thread to all the twists and turns of life over the course of the past twelve pandemic-months, we might paradoxically say that it has been change and uncertainty. Life has been in flux, and at each moment that greater certainty seemed to appear on the horizon, it receded timidly below the next crest of doubt.

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